We use real milk from real cows to make real dairy. Find out more about our subscriptions and how you can get fresh milk, yoghurts and more delivered fresh to your home.

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Câm is a pastoralist-driven dairy company. We’re building a new economy that’s centred around real dairy – one that reintroduces fresh milk to Nigerian households, nourishes our growing population and eradicates poverty for our pastoralist suppliers.

By 2050, our goal is to establish a dairy industry that turns Nigeria from a net importer to a net producer of milk, all anchored around pastoralist communities. 

Our Story

Our Model

At Câm, we source our milk from partnerships with local pastoralists, providing them with the training and support to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities and make a sustainable income from their livestock.  

To create a modern dairy industry, we’re establishing milk supply routes across the region and building the infrastructure to make premium dairy products that nourish everyone in our supply chain.

Our Model

Câm In The Field

The origins of our milk. A journey that begins miles from the cities. We follow our Câm Rangers and pastoralists as they collect fresh dairy from grass-fed cows in rural Nigeria.

Milk is the mother

It’s literally the source of everything we create. We call it the mother of all ingredients. Even though we talk non-stop about milk, we also create other delicious dairy products like fresh butter, creams and yoghurts that can all be traced back to the cow.

Our milk doesn't have miles on it

If you want real dairy in Nigeria, it will almost certainly come from overseas. Imported dairy leaves a huge hoof print on the environment and arrives tasting beyond its best.

That’s what makes Câm different. We use raw milk that comes from real cows. And we bottle it within 48 hours of leaving the udder. The result? Fresh milk that’s unbelievably rich with flavour and the essential nutritional building blocks for our health. 
Nigeria’s population is expected to double by 2050, reaching 400 million people. More than half of our population will be under 25 years old. In this same timeframe, we anticipate the milk industry could reach $49.8 billion. Meanwhile, our nation currently spends $1.3bn on dairy imports. By breaking our reliance on overseas dairy and investing in our own economy, we’re creating job opportunities for rural Nigerians. 


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